Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Dia mundial sin coches - Este viernes 22 de Septiembre!

Can we get through Friday without using a car to join in with a world-wide initiative to have "No Car Day"?

Maybe we can do our bit by at least using the car less that day.. or thinking about how we might design our lives better to use less petrol...

Read more about what's happening in Barcelona here, and share your ideas in the comment section!

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

What will we achieve this year?

Welcome back for 2017 - 18!

Just last week we heard the sad news that by 2050 it is predicted there will be more plastic in the Oceans than fish. This shocking news, plus the environmental disasters we have seen recently such as hurricanes in Africa and USA and flooding in India and USA, makes us think that here at Oak House we should be doing all we can to be a part of the solution to create a better environment here, to think about the effects of our actions on the wider environment, create a stronger community and continue to take part in campaigns at an international level.

Last year we saw that with a bit of effort we can reduce our energy use, our paper use... can we reduce our use of plastic? We also started the gardening project on the roof and we have the chance to to create more gardens there, and around the school. The school community was encouraged to think about their meat consumption (an industry which causes a lot of pollution... and we all know that eating less meat is healthier!) and there are many potential projects.. we just need you to get involved!!

Please get in touch with Miss Gurney if you would like to take on or suggest a project for this year!

Monday, 19 June 2017

This is Miguel, Daniela, Bruno and Angel. This is the information for the No Waste Day:

We looked at the results for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and saw that on what we wasted on Wednesay was about 200-300 kW less than normally. Here are the numbers:
Monday: 1357kW
Tuesday: 1521kW
Wednesday: 1157kW

This a reduction in electricity use of 20%!!

After this we did an average between the numbers of Monday and Tuesday and used this to do an average on what we use every month in school. Then we did the same with the amount of energy we used on Wednesday. We concluded that on a normal month we waste 8576.9 kW more than in a month where we would have all no waste days. 

A month with all No Waste Days would waste: 35192.083kW
A normal month would waste: 43769.583kW

What next???

Monday, 22 May 2017

We are writing to you to inform about a recent project we have been working on as part of the Environmental Enrichment Group.
 As you might have seen or will see, around the school there are posters about 'No Waste Day', a day when we will all cooperate to consume less electricity in the school, and try not to waste anything at all for the whole day! The project is to find ways of consuming less energy and water in the school to help the environment. We asked the school office for data and saw that our school consumes a lot of electricity. We want to look at the amounts of what we consume and compare it to some days were we're all aware about consuming less.

We've decided that a great way of helping the environment and consuming is by doing this 'No Waste' campaign were we're all fully aware and try to use less amount of electricity. This way we can compare NO WASTE DAY with normal consuming days.

NO WASTE DAY is tomorrow, the 24th May!

Thank you very much for cooperating with us by talking about the day and remembering to consume only what you need!!

Miguel, Angel, Bruno and Daniella

Thursday, 11 May 2017

We are ready to start planting!

The roof garden is all set up and we have the tools! Today it rained for most of the afternoon, but next week we hope to get some plants and seeds in the ground!!

Thursday, 20 April 2017

Environmental News this week...

This article is about the bleaching of the Great Barrier Reef. One quarter of the reef, the world's largest living structure has died in the last two years. The article is in an online newspaper called The Day which is written for young people, very balanced. At the bottom of the page there are questions to make you think, and links to articles with more information about the story:

Elon Musk  (the CEO of Tesla) is being encouraged to stop his support for the Trump administration. A millionaire called Doug Derwin has started a campaign "Elon dump Trump" because Musk whats to prevent climate change but Trumps`s policies include cutting funding for climate change research.

Thursday, 6 April 2017

S'apropa la Science Fair

El próximo lunes 24 de abril los alumnos de Year 7 y Segundo de ESO expondrán los proyectos científicos en los que han estado trabajado este curso.

Invitamos a las familias de Oak House a participar de este evento y aprovechar la visita para hablar con nuestros jóvenes científicos.

La Science Fair tendrá lugar en la planta 0 del edificio de bachillerato, de 10 a 13:30.

Thursday, 23 March 2017

Environmental News

World CO2 emissions stay constant - for the last 3 years emissions have not risen, this is good news, although we should be aiming to reduce emissions if possible. The mains reason for emissions remaining constant is that China's emissions have fallen

Acces to nature reduces depression - A review of over 200 academic studies has found that being around trees and green spaces is healthy and can lead to lower incidences of depression and obesity.

We're happy to find some good news this week!

Thursday, 16 March 2017

Environmental News this week

A study has found that China's huge air pollution problems are caused by melting ice in the arctic. This is related to climate change. We are quite surprised to see that climate change could cause air pollution as well as other damaging effects like flood, droughts, people being displaced and disruption to natural ecosystems.

Read the article and see pictures of China's smog here

Thursday, 2 February 2017

Litter pick on the Collserola!

Today the Environmental Club teamed up with some IB2 students to clear up rubbish from beside the road behind the school. The activity was organised by Pablo and Quique as a CAS project.

We collected about 13 bags of rubbish and even found part of an old motorbike! - we enjoyed the challenge and found the experience an interesting reflection.. we'd be happy to do it again sometime!

Loads of the rubbish we couldn't collect was building rubble, we didn't expect that bricks, concrete, roofing panels would be the rubbish we found - we wonder if there is a way to finish the job and clear that up too!

Here's a report from Quique:

At Oak House School they encourage all students to be responsible and careful for the environment, ensuring that we develop a social consciousness and that we look after the planet. As a result, some of IB 2 students became very concerned with the current situation of the natural area of Peu del Funicular, situated next to our school. For this reason, we decided to do something about it. We asked Mrs Gurney if her environmental enrichment class wanted to collaborate. 11 students from 1 and 2 eso offered to cooperate with us. When we got to the place, we divided into groups of two and gave out gloves to protect ourselves and plastic bags, which were used to collect all of the rubbish found at Peu del Funicular. The rubbish collected included all types of plastics, construction leftovers, clothes and even car and motorbike components. We are very happy with the final result of the project as we were able to make a difference by cleaning up the area. Apart from cleaning the area, we wanted to show the younger students of our school what the actual situation is, and make them think that if we want to improve the situation we need to work together in order to make a difference.

Thursday, 19 January 2017

Environmental news this week

We found an article with top tips on how to reduce your carbon footprint and take steps towards sustainable living, the top three are fly less, eat less meat (especially beef), make sure you're only heating inside your house - and that by closing windows, and insulating your house properly you don't waste energy.

Here is the article with 15 ways to reduce your carbon footprint.

There is also a whole blog dedicated to share all the most recent information about climate change! It's a long read...

The Alaska fish is just one of several species that have had to change their behaviour because of climate change (see our earlier blog post about whales) read more about it here

Thursday, 12 January 2017

What will be the big environment events in 2017?

Happy 2017 from the Environmental club!

This article is about the important issues this year

and next week we may well be hit by a cold wave of weather - as low as -3 in Barcelona!?!???!