Thursday, 23 March 2017

Environmental News

World CO2 emissions stay constant - for the last 3 years emissions have not risen, this is good news, although we should be aiming to reduce emissions if possible. The mains reason for emissions remaining constant is that China's emissions have fallen

Acces to nature reduces depression - A review of over 200 academic studies has found that being around trees and green spaces is healthy and can lead to lower incidences of depression and obesity.

We're happy to find some good news this week!

Thursday, 16 March 2017

Environmental News this week

A study has found that China's huge air pollution problems are caused by melting ice in the arctic. This is related to climate change. We are quite surprised to see that climate change could cause air pollution as well as other damaging effects like flood, droughts, people being displaced and disruption to natural ecosystems.

Read the article and see pictures of China's smog here

Thursday, 2 February 2017

Litter pick on the Collserola!

Today the Environmental Club teamed up with some IB2 students to clear up rubbish from beside the road behind the school. The activity was organised by Pablo and Quique as a CAS project.

We collected about 13 bags of rubbish and even found part of an old motorbike! - we enjoyed the challenge and found the experience an interesting reflection.. we'd be happy to do it again sometime!

Loads of the rubbish we couldn't collect was building rubble, we didn't expect that bricks, concrete, roofing panels would be the rubbish we found - we wonder if there is a way to finish the job and clear that up too!

Here's a report from Quique:

At Oak House School they encourage all students to be responsible and careful for the environment, ensuring that we develop a social consciousness and that we look after the planet. As a result, some of IB 2 students became very concerned with the current situation of the natural area of Peu del Funicular, situated next to our school. For this reason, we decided to do something about it. We asked Mrs Gurney if her environmental enrichment class wanted to collaborate. 11 students from 1 and 2 eso offered to cooperate with us. When we got to the place, we divided into groups of two and gave out gloves to protect ourselves and plastic bags, which were used to collect all of the rubbish found at Peu del Funicular. The rubbish collected included all types of plastics, construction leftovers, clothes and even car and motorbike components. We are very happy with the final result of the project as we were able to make a difference by cleaning up the area. Apart from cleaning the area, we wanted to show the younger students of our school what the actual situation is, and make them think that if we want to improve the situation we need to work together in order to make a difference.

Thursday, 19 January 2017

Environmental news this week

We found an article with top tips on how to reduce your carbon footprint and take steps towards sustainable living, the top three are fly less, eat less meat (especially beef), make sure you're only heating inside your house - and that by closing windows, and insulating your house properly you don't waste energy.

Here is the article with 15 ways to reduce your carbon footprint.

There is also a whole blog dedicated to share all the most recent information about climate change! It's a long read...

The Alaska fish is just one of several species that have had to change their behaviour because of climate change (see our earlier blog post about whales) read more about it here

Thursday, 12 January 2017

What will be the big environment events in 2017?

Happy 2017 from the Environmental club!

This article is about the important issues this year

and next week we may well be hit by a cold wave of weather - as low as -3 in Barcelona!?!???!

Thursday, 24 November 2016

Secondary school students can decide how to transform their schools with Escoles Sostenibles..

Conèixer el projecte Tinguem Cura del Planeta, un procés que ofereix un marc de treball perquè l'alumnat de secundària decideixi les accions que transformen el centre i l'entorn. La proposta permet dotar d’eines per diagnosticar l’estat del centre, planificar les accions que volem dur a terme per transformar-lo i dur-les a terme, implicar tota la comunitat educativa i comunicar els resultats...

Aquest procés és simultani a escala mundial amb altres centres i, per tant, es realitzen trobades d'intercanvi entre joves a escala catalana, estatal, europea i internacional. Aquestes conferències són un punt rellevant de motivació per a l'alumnat i de millora de la qualitat de les propostes.

Per tal de facilitar el seguiment del procés, s'ha establert una proposta dels passos que cal seguir, en la qual es detallen un seguit d'objectius i fites que s'han d'aconseguir per a cadascun dels tres cursos. Podeu trobar més informació aquí. També disposeu del vídeo resum del procés.

Thursday, 17 November 2016

Eco News...

This week we found some information about ghost nets - nets

that are used for fishing in an illegal way. Sometimes when you fish with a giant net it may break

and that net will end in the ocean under the sea and some animals get trapped in it and die,

normally these are animals close to extinction.

So if you want to help, try to not to buy cans of tuna that don't show how they catch the fish

because that means that they use a ghost net, illegally.

If you want to know more information and which animals get stuck with those nets, look at this

video and you will find out !!!!

Thursday, 10 November 2016

This weeks news:

The big news this week is that Donald Trump has been elected next president of the United States. He said ´´Global warming is a hoax´´.
This is a sad day for the great majority of people who care about the future of our planet.

On the plus side another American is making news with a great film about Climate Change - Leonardo DiCaprio (Best Actor 2016 at the Oscars and huge film star) has made a documentary, he met Obama, the Pope and traveled the world to see how our environment is being affected... WATCH IT!!!!

Thursday, 3 November 2016

Enviro news!

This week we have chosen a piece of good news and a piece of bad news. 

The bad news happened in Madrid. Madrid´s city council has been thinking about just letting 50% of the cars of the city into the city center, this is happening because the Spanish capital is struggling with the high levels of air pollution.
The council thought that they would let in cars that finish with even numbers on their number plates on even days and the cars that finish with odd number plates would be allowed in on odd days.

Far away in San Fransisco the U.S city has required that certain new buildings have to be built with a green roof, this means that there will be plants on the roofline. 
This new law will be started in January and new buildings will have to incorporate 15 - 30% of roof space with solar panels, green roofs or a blend of both.