Thursday, 12 April 2018

Why is it so cold?

Many people have been asking this question as the cold weather continues and it seems like winter will never end.

The articles we found both suggest that, rather worryingly, climate systems on our planet are shifting

The cold air from the Arctic is expanding through out the world. While the Arctic gets warmer, the rest of the world gets colder and winter lasts much more time than normal past winters. Furthermore there have been several cold waves after winter and that has been keeping the world in a colder temperature during the last months.

Read more here

The Atlantic Ocean heating system is very weak and the shift in ocean currents could lead to cooling. This climatic change is part of the Earth's response to changes, mostly in the last 150 years, such as sea ice melting.

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More Enviro news..

World's first electrified road for charging vehicles opens in Sweden | Environment | The Guardian

Read about it here

They will electrify the road in sections, so the road only gives power while the car is driving over that section.. but we wonder where the electricity will come from?


And we saw this rather disturbing news about plastic pollution in Brazilian villages

A woman in Brazil once saw his neighbor’s dead body floating in the river because of the plastic pollution. She began to collect used water bottles and gave them to the litter collector.

Read more about the Brazilian villagers turning plastic pollution into profit

Thursday, 5 April 2018

Environmental News this week

Scientists suggest a giant sunshade in the sky could solve global warming

It sounds like the stuff of science fiction: the creation, using balloons or jets, of a manmade atmospheric sunshade to shield the most vulnerable countries in the global south against the worst effects of global warming.

Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Ideas for Environmental Action in 2018


- great poster
- blue planet clip to share with everyone
- yoghurt pots in the kitchen? One wednesday this term they didn't use them
- sign petitions from Greenpeace
- Raise awareness among parents / AMPA / teachers
- make art from rubbish
- upcylcing workshops
- collect rubbish from around the school to recycle it
- offer reusable bags outside school in case people need a bag
- talk to primary/ secondary / batx about plastic reduction
- cake sale lids pay for the cakes!
- no disposable cups in the school dining room


- experiments and make a video p.98/99
- questionnare about how people travel
- testing air quality
- campaign to reduce car use
- posters about air pollution


- Eco-committee meeting
- Ecosia search engine
- weather station
- blog thursdays
- insect hotel
- tree guilds on the roof
- trees from seeds
- grow veg on the roof

We collected lots of seeds!!

The students from 1º and 2º ESO Enviornmental Club hosted the "Exchange Seeds for Cakes" event on Thursday afternoon and it was a very busy half hour of exchange. Thank you so much to everyone who made a cake - which was the real key to making the event a success!
We received a wide range of seeds which you can see in the photo and many people collected them from home. We wonder if the large number of apple seeds was related to the fact that apple was served at lunch... and there was a surprising number of papaya seeds. (Thanks to Hector!),
At gardening club, Wednesdays 11:00 - 11:30, we will start organising and planting the seeds collected and will see what grows during Spring!
f you have collected seeds but forgot to bring them in on Thursday you can leave them for Miss Gurney in the ESO staff room!

Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Environmental news this week..

Babcock Ranch aims to be America's greenest city.

On a 17,000-acre land about 15 miles northeast of Fort Myers, Florida, a community that wants to be the nation’s greenest city. With more than 340,000 solar panels in place, Babcock Ranch aims to be the first town in the U.S. powered solely by solar energy. Residents will live in energy-efficient homes and use self-driving electric shuttles to get around.
There are other smaller-scale sustainable development in the U.S. But experts agree that Babcock Ranch is the first large-scale community to be powered by renewable energy in the U.S.

Wednesday, 7 March 2018

More ideas for collecting seeds and plants to grow...

You can plant garlic straight into the ground!

Garlic is difficult to grow specially because its small time between years. You can only grow it in mid-autumn and beginnings of spring. When it is time to grow you need to place only the big pieces. Because the small ones only take a lot of space and at the end the bulbs is small. So if you bring us some garlic teeth to plant we will give you some cake!

and potatoes!!

Place 3 or for 4 of the potatoes on the soil. Cover them with compost (about 2 inches of compost). Water them. As they grow place some more compost over, covering them. We can plant a potato straight into the ground.. that's an easy way to get some cake!

But the potatoes and garlic must be ORGANIC or they may have been sprayed with chemicals that stop them growing!

And here is a list of loads and loads of different vegetables and fruit you might want to investigate...

Thursday, 1 March 2018

Environmental news this week....

Netherlands opens world's first plastic-free supermarket aisle as UK urged to follow example.

The world's first plastic-free supermarket has been unveiled in Amsterdam. Campaigners call on more places to do this. More than 700 products will be available without plastic packaging, in the supermarket Ekoplaza in Amsterdam. It will have products such as meat, rice, sauces, dairy products, chocolate, cereals, fruit and vegetables. Environmental campaign group A Plastic Planet came up with the idea.


Collecting seeds to exchange for cakes! 3 ideas...

ALL SEEDS MUST BE FROM ORGANIC PLANTS!! Plants which are not grown organically are sometimes sprayed with chemicals to stop them growing before we buy them from the supermarket, so we only want ORGANIC to make our project work!!


Onions... We can grow more onions from the bottom of the onions you use in cooking! Just keep them in a dry place and bring us a few in exchange for a cake!!


Apple/Orange/Lemon/Mandarin/Pumpkin/Pepper/Tomato and many more..

1. Collect the seeds from the fruit or veg

2. Spread the seeds out on a paper-lined tray or plate
3. Leave them in a dry place for a few days, (1 week better!!).
4. Store the dry seeds in a labeled envelope or dry glass jar in a cool, dry location
away from light.

Most fruit seeds remain viable for at least one year.


Harvest Strawberry Seeds

To harvest strawberry seeds from their fruits, place four or five berries and 1 quart of water in the pitcher of a blender. After covering the blender, run it on its lowest setting for 10 seconds. Discard any seeds that float to the surface, as they won't be viable, and pour the mixture of water and strawberry pulp through a strainer that has mesh that's fine enough to retain the seeds. Hold the strainer over a sink or place a container beneath it to catch the watery pulp. When the seeds are completely drained, spread them on paper towels and allow them to dry thoroughly.